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“You are in a Box.”

I do not want to be in a box. Close spaces are scary- though scary makes me sound young. Being trapped makes me feel young, waiting for mom to come and save me. In this I doubt she will. I know too well how the ‘End is Neigh’ and all I can hope is that it will not hurt. I can hope that an elephant won’t come and squish the box while I’m in side. I can hope that no one will throw in an angry jar of bees while I’m inside. I can hope that the box won’t be thrown into a literal fire pit.

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Top Five Ways to Help Ease Circular Thinking

Circular thinking is one of the worst parts of general anxiety, depending on who you ask. This is when the end of one anxious thought leads right back to another, trapping you in a cyclone of worried behavior. It prevents you from getting anything done, and can keep you awake at night worrying over things you can’t control. It’s common for college students, especially in high–anxiety inducing periods of school, like the introductory periods where everything is starting at once, or exams. So we’ve put together five ways of mentally extracting yourself from this rut to help you start the new year strong.

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