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“You are in a Box.”

I do not want to be in a box. Close spaces are scary- though scary makes me sound young. Being trapped makes me feel young, waiting for mom to come and save me. In this I doubt she will. I know too well how the ‘End is Neigh’ and all I can hope is that it will not hurt. I can hope that an elephant won’t come and squish the box while I’m in side. I can hope that no one will throw in an angry jar of bees while I’m inside. I can hope that the box won’t be thrown into a literal fire pit.

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5 DIY Avocado Beauty Tricks

Avocados are one of the most popular ‘super foods’ out there. It’s highly nutritious and known for being filled with healthy fats and good vitamins. And of course, guacamole. With a little bit of practice, the avocado’s use can extend far past your bowl of salsa. These are just a few tricks to transform this super food hiding there your pantry into healthy and organic things to use.

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