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Consider the Prosthetic

Stephen Davies still has his old prosthetic. He went for years without it, or without any prosthetic limb at all. It takes just a glance at his old prosthetic to know why – it’s disappointing, even unhelpful. A metal claw is scary to look at, and while wearing it, he has to manually twist clamps shut to pick something up with it.


This rudimentary prosthetic is only five years old. When it comes to medical care like prosthetics, he doesn’t have much of a choice. That is unless he plans to make his own limb.

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“Mental Illness is the Cancer of the Soul.”

The last thing one might expect when going to synagogue on a Sunday morning at ten is a rabbi carrying an embroidered New Orleans, Mardi Gras mask. And it’s not even Purim. Rabbi Analia Bortz of Or Hadash, where Baken ‘In the Nest’ began last Sunday held no punches when she took the Bimah before the first sessions of In the Nest. As Co-Founder with Devi Knapp (who told her touching story earlier in the morning), the doctor and Rabbi kept a steady hold over the room, proving what worth the mental health collective would have for the community.


“Mental illness is the cancer of the soul.” The Doctor and Rabbi said, each word crisp and clear. She took her time, recalling people, everyday people getting ready for job interviews who might put on a mask like the one she had in her hands. People with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses never take off these masks. They are stiff as a Mardi Gras mask, wooden and painful.

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100-Year-Old Keeps Creating Beauty

Centenarian Doree Kemler creates figurines and acrylic paintings.

Centenarian Doree Kemler creates figurines and acrylic paintings.

There’s a hypnotic swirl of pastel that could swallow a viewer forever. In an epic wash of acrylic, it seems this woman is a master.

With the use of a beautiful, waving navy color washing into a soft, light purple, she has mixed impressionism, abstraction, surrealism and fantasy into “Fruits of Life,” an odd and beautiful shell design.


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“You are in a Box.”

I do not want to be in a box. Close spaces are scary- though scary makes me sound young. Being trapped makes me feel young, waiting for mom to come and save me. In this I doubt she will. I know too well how the ‘End is Neigh’ and all I can hope is that it will not hurt. I can hope that an elephant won’t come and squish the box while I’m in side. I can hope that no one will throw in an angry jar of bees while I’m inside. I can hope that the box won’t be thrown into a literal fire pit.

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